How Safe is Your Deck?

  Are you unsure how safe your deck is? Do you see parts of your deck rotting away? Contact us for an evaluation today!

Does your foundation have cracks or bowed walls?

Does your foundation have cracks or bowed walls? Foundation evaluations are one of the most common requests for our structural engineers. Our standard structural evaluation includes a site visit, verbal discussion, recommendations regarding concepts for repair, and a written report with photos.  Contact us for an evaluation today!

Planning to build a new retaining wall?

Planning to build a new retaining wall? Contact us to evaluate and design the wall BEFORE it is built! An example of a retaining wall that was NOT engineered is pictured above. Unfortunately, this wall failed right after it was built. We were called in for an evaluation and to provide a solution afterwards. Click….


Pre-Listing Building Inspections

Traditionally, buyers arrange to have a building inspection during the purchasing process. Recently however, there has been an increasing amount of property owners opting to have a building inspection prior to listing their property for sale. There are many advantages to having a pre-listing inspection. A current building inspection will give you a good idea of….


Moisture: The Root of all Maintenance

  One of the primary issues in building science is the study of how moisture damages buildings and reduces the quality of life of its inhabitants. Moisture penetration can cause mold, rot, and interior damage. Serious moisture problems and their cure are often hard to solve as the physics of air flow, dew points, and….


Pickleball: One Way to Repurpose Underutilized Assets

Is your HOA looking repurpose underutilized assets? Here’s is an engineer’s perspective on one way to utilize the tennis courts on your property and once again make them an asset for residents. The article takes a fun look at a fast-growing sport that may be a good fit for your community association.   An Addictive….


When Do You Need a Structural Inspection?

    When Do You Need a Structural Inspection?  Are there cracks in the foundation or walls or your home?  Do you want to remove a load-bearing wall?  Do you need a header for a new window or door designed?  Does your roof need to be inspected?  Are you concerned about the structural integrity of….


How Safe Is Your Deck?

May is National Deck Safety Month® and your spring maintenance checklist should include a thorough inspection of your deck and railings. It’s important to check their safety before the outdoor entertainment season begins with family gatherings and neighborhood barbecues taking place on your deck. Here are a few items to consider as you check your deck:….


Building Maintenance Check List

  A Proactive Approach is Best If you are responsible for your condo or HOA’s physical condition, this is no time to relax. Planning now can pay big dividends in being able to hire a repair contractor before the spring/summer crunch arrives. With that in mind, the following list can provide a guide to issues….


2022 Top Ten Affiliate Offices

Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers has received recognition as one of the 2022 Top Ten Affiliate Offices!  Criterium-Jansen Engineers (Toronto, Canada) Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers (Rutland, Vermont) Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Criterium-Kessler Engineers (Phoenix, Arizona) Criterium-Dudka Engineers (Hopkinton, Massachusetts) Criterium-Liszkay Engineers (Columbus, Ohio) Criterium-Dotson Engineers (Dallas, Texas) Criterium-Hardy Engineers (St. Louis, Missouri) Criterium-Cona Engineers (Greenwood Village, Colorado) Criterium-McCafferty Engineers (Colorado Springs, Colorado)     Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers is….