New Home Services

Constructing your dream home, built to your specifications with the unique design features you want, can be exciting – and unnerving.  How can you be sure the contractor you hire will deliver the home you’re expecting? Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers’ home construction consulting, monitoring, and inspection services can relieve your anxiety, reduce construction problems, and improve the quality of the home you build.

Plan Review and Consultation

We can start at the beginning, by reviewing your construction plans.  Criterium-Twin Cities’ experienced professional engineers advise home builders as well as home buyers.  With their knowledge of buildings, their understanding of the home construction process, and decades of experience inspecting structures of all kinds, Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers can verify that the plans reflect your design and performance goals and confirm that the builder understands the plans and is prepared to execute them.   A CriteriumTwin Cities Engineers review will also identify design details that could be problematic and suggest solutions for them.  A home construction project that ends well begins with a solid construction plan, and a Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers plan review will ensure that you have one.

Construction Monitoring

The home construction process is complicated.  It involves a lot of people, a lot of material, and a lot of moving parts.  Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers monitors the construction closely to verify that the builder is following the plans, is using the specified materials, and is not cutting corners or compromising construction quality.  On-site inspections conducted periodically keep professional eyes on the project.  These inspections can identify problems or potential problems before they have been baked into the final structure, when it is easier and less expensive to correct them.

Post-construction Inspection

After the home has been completed, Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers will conduct a thorough on-site inspection, similar in scope and detail to the structural inspections we perform for an existing or non-custom-built home.  We consider structural soundness, code compliance, and safety issues, and verify that the completed home meets your construction quality expectations. Our written inspection report will identify and document construction shortcomings and structural defects the builder should correct before you finalize the purchase or occupy the home.

Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers are building experts.  We understand buildings and the home building process.  If you’re constructing a new home, we can helpContact us to find out more about our New Home Consulting  Services.