For Sellers

Offer made and accepted; sold sign in place; closing date set; and then, the pre-purchase home inspector cites a potential structural concern and the deal is in jeopardy. Often, the cited concerns is not a significant issue, but you need a structural engineer to make that determination. Sometimes, there is a problem and repair options are needed. Either way, Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers is here to help. We can respond quickly, often alleviating concerns and helping you finalize the sale of your home. Unfortunately, sometimes the sale has already fallen through. When that happens, we can be there to offer solutions to get your property back on the market.

Maybe you are only considering selling your property. Has a previous structural issue been identified but never dealt with? Or, do you have a nagging question about a crack in your foundation? Get a structural evaluation before you sell your home and have a letter from us in hand that assures the buyer of the condition of your house or make the corrections we recommend prior to listing.

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