Commercial Building Inspection

Large corporations, real estate investment trusts, and individual investors have different perspectives, different portfolios, and different investment goals. Some purchase commercial buildings regularly, others only occasionally. Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers understands these differences.  We can meet investors wherever they are and provide the entire range of advice and assistance they need, from the sophisticated analysis experienced investors may require to the additional handholding less experienced investors may appreciate.

All commercial property buyers need to perform due diligence before they make a purchase commitment, and Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers guides them through that process. Our licensed Professional Engineers perform a thorough visual inspection of the property that encompasses its overall condition, focusing on all the critical building components (structural, roof, electrical, plumbing, air and heating, paving, drainage, etc.), environmental factors (including air flow and insulation) and safety issues – fire and other potential hazards. Please note that no functional testing of systems is performed, and we will not determine whether the property conforms to any building codes, or regulations, or restrictions that may be enforced within the jurisdiction.

The written commercial building inspection report Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers produces provides a detailed summary of our findings, highlighting building strengths as well as any weaknesses or potential problems we identify.  We clearly explain a building’s condition, so our clients can make confident, informed decisions about their purchase.  No one wants to be surprised about a building after purchasing it.  Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers has inspected tens of thousands of buildings of all kinds.  Our experienced engineers know how to help our clients avoid surprises.

Thorough and Practical

A Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers building evaluation is thorough, but it is also practical.  The engineers who perform these inspections have broad and varied backgrounds in the building trades, facilities management and maintenance, among other areas. They understand the business of buildings as well as their technology.  Criterium-Twin Cities’ engineers are teachers as well as technicians.  They don’t just evaluate buildings, they explain and answer questions about them.  They tell clients what they need to know about the buildings they are purchasing and what to do to maintain their buildings properly in the future.

Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers has an extensive array of human and technical resources, with a strong local presence and a deep understanding of local markets and local building requirements.  It’s a combination other engineering firms can’t match. If you are purchasing commercial properties for your own use or for your investment portfolio, let Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers evaluate the buildings you are buying and educate you about them. Contact us or call 651-779-7700 to schedule a pre-purchase commercial building inspection inspection or to obtain more information about the services we provide.

Please note that not all services may be available at all times due to staffing and time of year. Contact us to confirm availability.