For Realtors


Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers is a Minnesota engineering consulting firm that specializes in residential structural inspections, as well as structural evaluations for commercial properties and homeowners associations.

Pre-purchase home inspections often cite a potential structural concern. Many of these concerns are not significant structural issues but realtors need an engineer to make that determination. So often, your clients are anxious that the sale of their property will now fall through or that the house they were about to buy has a significant problem. Even worse, timing is running out as that inspection period ticks by.

We are here to help. We can respond quickly, often alleviating concerns and getting your client to a position to finalize the sale or complete their purchase. Unfortunately, sometimes the sale has already fallen through. When that happens, we can be there to offer solutions to get the home back on the market. You can be sure that your clients will receive professional and timely service from our firm.

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