“Paul was great. He was patient with my explanations and listened to my input. He was prompt, and very cordial. Also wasn’t afraid to crawl into my attic with me. Melissa was great with coordinating our appointment. Thanks guys and look forward to hearing what solutions you came up with for my wife and I.” – Mike & Jen

“The inspector was on time and through. He walked through the space with us as he went and showed us what was important to watch and essential and nonessential repair recommendations. He made sure to explain everything thoroughly in person and in the report.” – Dean P.

Steve came to check out one of our properties built in 1888. He was very knowledgeable and solution driven. He took his time to inspect the problems and was very thorough. He laid out different options for us, and made sure we understood why the recommended repairs were needed. Even explaining how the process of fixing the structure of the house would be like. Steve and his company were very responsive and prompt. I would definitely work with them again!” – Bao V.

Quite well. The engineering firm, Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers, was easy to deal with and I was able to get an appointment that was only a few days in the future. On the day of the appointment, the engineer was on time, professional and highly skilled. The inspection report, including detailed repair instructions, was sent only a few working days later.” – Paul G.

“Great. Paul offered quick communication, came out and wrote up a thorough report with recommendations to address the issue. Saved me $15,000 in unnecessary repairs that a local basement repair place suggested.” – Dave F.

“The best money we’ve spent on our home has been the inspection we had with the Criterium-Schimnowski firm! Kenton has a solid background and provided unbiased suggestions for improvements. In addition, to his professional engineering background, he was pleasant and explained concepts in laymen’s terms. We would highly recommend these services.” – Jackie C.

“We hired Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers, and Paul Schimnowski came out. The cost was $625 for about a 60-90 min on site evaluation and written report. When Paul arrived, we explained what we wanted him to look at and what our goal of the assessment was. He asked us a few questions, and then he walked around the house and property taking photos and measurements. It was great to have Paul out, and I’d highly recommend him. Having that unbiased opinion on the condition of our basement and what is vs is not needed was exactly what we were looking for. His conclusion – our basement is structurally sound and there’s nothing major or worry about, and no major repairs needed. The walls themselves looked sound and didn’t exhibit any bowing, displacement, or concerning cracking. The previous owner reinforced most of our main floor joists and Paul said that all looked sound and was done well. There were a few joists that were not reinforced that he recommended we add supports to similar to what was done with the others. Overall, he recommended some minor water mitigation improvements on the outside of our house and patching of the interior parging otherwise we’re good to go.” – Martha W.

“You were wonderful to work with during an unfortunate situation. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and professionalism as [others] were being anything but accommodating and friendly.” – Eric N.