Component Evaluations

Criterium-Twin Cities Engineers has performed component evaluations to help homeowner and community associations with their assessment needs since 2011. We are available to assess a wide variety of issues at your buildings. Some recent examples of component evaluations include:

SIDING EVALUATION: Our engineers worked together to inspect the current condition of siding, trim, and brick veneer at each residential building of the Association. From there, a recommended timeline for replacement was created, taking into account the significant variation in age as the original construction occurred over 20 decades. Cost estimates were created with options for a variety of replacement options (e.g. wood, composite, aluminum, etc).

PAVEMENT EVALUATION: The engineer assessed the condition of the existing paved surfaces on site, including roads and walking paths. From there, recommendations were created for replacement vs. repair options for the Association to consider.

BALCONY EVALUATION: We are currently assisting an association with an evaluation of 40+ balconies at their building. With a phased project, we began with an initial non-intrusive investigation of all of the structures. Armed with that information, we were able to recommend specific balconies for a more detailed evaluation into concealed conditions. Once that is completed, we will be able to make recommendations for the extent of repairs needed.

WATER INTRUSION/EXTERIOR GRADING ISSUES: We have assisted many Associations with evaluations of water intrusion. Our experienced engineers can help determine whether there is a structural issue at play or whether the source of the problem is exterior grading and water control. From there, we can help the Association by recommending some cost-effective solutions to deal with the issue.

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