2022 Top Ten Affiliate Offices

Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers has received recognition as one of the 2022 Top Ten Affiliate Offices

  1. Criterium-Jansen Engineers (Toronto, Canada)
  2. Criterium-Lalancette & Dudka Engineers (Rutland, Vermont)
  3. Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  4. Criterium-Kessler Engineers (Phoenix, Arizona)
  5. Criterium-Dudka Engineers (Hopkinton, Massachusetts)
  6. Criterium-Liszkay Engineers (Columbus, Ohio)
  7. Criterium-Dotson Engineers (Dallas, Texas)
  8. Criterium-Hardy Engineers (St. Louis, Missouri)
  9. Criterium-Cona Engineers (Greenwood Village, Colorado)
  10. Criterium-McCafferty Engineers (Colorado Springs, Colorado)



Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers is dedicated to maintaining high standards for quality engineering, the personal and professional achievement of their staff, and achieving record growth for the business. 

Criterium-Schimnowski Engineers is based in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. Paul Schimnowski, P.E., is president and CEO and his wife Melissa is the office manager. In addition, they employ two professional engineers and an operations manager.