Does your home make strange sounds?

While everyone hears strange noises in their homes, rest assured they might not all be in your head!
If you hear footsteps, we can’t help with that! If you hear a strange buzzing noise, perhaps caused by insects or a busy pet. We can’t help with these either!
However, if you hear snapping or popping sounds, often at night, we can help with that!
Most of us live in homes built with wood. Wood and many other materials in our homes expand and contract with temperature changes. In Minnesota, temperatures can fluctuate by more than 30 degrees from night to day, causing measurable changes in the dimensions of the materials. As those materials move, they may get “stuck” and then release sharply creating a snap or pop.
Such sounds are normal; there is no reason for concern. These dimensional changes also often account for cracking in drywall and stucco. The amount of movement is very small and not structurally significant. But, if you have questions or feel there may be a problem, do not hesitate to call us at 651-779-7700.
Now, about those footsteps….